31 January 2015

A flock of tourists

Countless people were coming to pass this bridge in Arashiyama when Kyoto showed its most beautiful aspect in the autumn.

29 January 2015

Two wise men

Despite tons of spectators on the bridge these guys were calmly concentrating on their jobs in Arashiyama.

22 January 2015


Arashiyama is surely one of the most tasteful areas in Kyoto particularly in the autumn with many refined shops and coloured trees.

18 January 2015

The rage

This sculpture, called 'Nio', was expressing a fierce rage against the enemies of Buddhism at the gate of Daigoji Temple.

11 January 2015

Simple elegance

Daigoji Temple [a UNESCO World Heritage site] has some sub-temples around it. This is one of them and its entrance exhibits simple elegance.

10 January 2015

Occupied steps

This steps at Iwato Ochiba Jinja Shrine was completely occupied with fallen leaves.

07 January 2015

Moss-grown basin

This is a stone basin at Iwato Ochiba Jinja Shrine which looked like a part of nature with thick moss on it.

05 January 2015

Carpet of yellow leaves

There are four magnificent ginkgo trees [icho trees] at Iwato Ochiba Jinja Shrine, which lose their golden leaves before winter.

04 January 2015

Silence at the shrine

Iwato Ochiba Jinja Shrine is a small and quiet local shrine which is surrounded with mountains in northern Kyoto.

02 January 2015


I encountered this sign at the entrance of Ginkakuji Temple [a UNESCO World Heritage site] thinking it would be difficult for Kyoto monks to spell 'bicycle'.