25 December 2013

Buddhist Deity in the autumn

This photo shows a Ksitigarbha [Jizo in Japanese] at Enryakuji Temple. Jizo is one of the most beloved Buddhist deities of the Japanese people as well as Kannon.

20 December 2013

In the woods

There are many Guanyin statues [Kannon in Japanese] in the woods at Enryakuji Temple. They often have many arms and some additional heads on their heads.

19 December 2013

Autumn harmony

You can find a lot of good harmonies of autumn trees and historic structures at Enryakuji Temple.

14 December 2013

Autumn feast

I took this photo at Enryakuji Temple which was a very large temple complex in Mount Hiei.

13 December 2013

Small shrine

This is a sub-shrine of Shimogamo Jinja [Shimogamo Shrine] in Kyoto which enshrines the spring under the shrine.

09 December 2013

Exquisite workmanship

This is one of structures of Shimogamo Jinja [Shimogamo Shrine] in Kyoto. I was impressed particularly with the beauty of the roof.

29 November 2013

The vermilion gate

This is the gate of Shimogamo Jinja [Shimogamo Shrine] which is one of the 'Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto' designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

24 November 2013

The autumn sky

The vermilion frame seen in this picture is a kind of shrine gate which is called 'Torii' in Japanese. This torii belongs to Heian Jingu Shrine with a height of 24.4m.

21 November 2013

At the festival

They were all serious about taking pictures of the procession of Jidai Festival [Jidaimatsuri] in Kyoto.

20 November 2013

Coming too early

They seemed to have come too early to watch the procession of Jidai Festival [Jidaimatsuri] in Kyoto. Jidai Festival is one of the most important festivals in Kyoto as well as Gion Festival and Aoi Festival.

17 November 2013

The roofs

This photo shows the roofs of the main gate of Nanzenji Temple. Although Nanzenji is a large temple complex I was not impressed with the temple except this grand gate.

06 November 2013

Starting to change

I took this photo at Nanzenji Temple where trees were starting to change their colours.

26 October 2013

Fallen Camellia

I found this fallen camellia flower in the woods of Enryakuji Temple. This flower lying on the ground always makes me think of death.

18 October 2013

Pagoda in the mountain

This is a pagoda of Enryakuji Temple which comprises uncountable historic monuments in Mount Hiei.

14 October 2013

Nature and Temple

Enryakuji Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage site and said to be one of the most important temples in Japan. Although most Kyoto temples are in/around the city Enryakuji is located just around the top of Mount Hiei.

04 October 2013

The roofs

This picture shows the roofs of a pagoda of Jingoji Temple, which is a large temple complex in the mountains in northern Kyoto.

18 September 2013

On the mountain path

I met this Jizo/Ksitigarbha [one of Buddhist deities] on the mountain path to Jingoji Temple. I felt the statue was watching over the safety of travellers.

08 September 2013


I was pleased to find this collaboration between the umbrella and the lantern which could create a delicate atmosphere at Gion Festival.

01 September 2013

Impressive red

Umbrellas play very important roles in creating a traditional atmosphere at festivals as well as lanterns.

22 August 2013

Fantastic lights

This picture shows festival lanterns decorating floats at Gion Festival in Kyoto. They are simple but fantastic.

15 August 2013

City of the festival

Gion Festival [Gionmatsuri] is one of the most important festivals in Kyoto as well as Aoi Festival and Jidai Festival. It is held on 17th July when some main roads in the city are closed for the procession of 33 festival floats. During three days prior to 17th July, those floats are displayed on the roads with many lanterns.

04 August 2013

Quiet time

Kyoto generally cannot be an exception to major Japanese cities which are filled with excessive traffic and noise. But we can occasionally experience a serene time in some places.

26 July 2013

Sea of verdure

Tofukuji Temple is famous for its marvellous autumn foliage as well as its historic assets. When the tress turn red, orange and yellow the wooden bridge will be packed with tourists.

06 July 2013

Aesthetic culture

This picture shows a sliding door (literally made of paper) of Tofukuji Temple which looks really simple but has truly elegance.

02 July 2013


Tofukuji Temple has many historic structures on its vast area, where we can feel tranquillity for a while.

29 June 2013

Magnificent temple gate

Not being on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Tofukuji Temple is one of the most important temples in Kyoto. The gate of Tofukuji was built in 1425 and is still now truly impressive.

22 June 2013

World Heritage tortoise

These tortoises are attracting thousands of people's attention everyday as they are living in a pond at a World Heritage site - Kiyomizudera.

17 June 2013

Sacred water

There's a very famous waterfall in Kiyomizudera Complex where it is believed you can have your wish granted by drinking its water.

08 June 2013

In harmony with nature

Kiyomizudera [Kiyomizu Temple] is definitely full of cultural heritage. But what I like most about the temple is that it is harmonising very well with nature.

03 June 2013

Packed with tourists

Kiyomizudera [Kiyomizu Temple] is not only one of the most attractive temples in Kyoto but also one of the most famous tourist sites in Japan. This stage is actually a balcony of the temple which provides us with a magnificent view of nature and the city.

31 May 2013

Beautiful gate of Kiyomizudera

Kiyomizudera [Kiyomizu Temple] is a national treasure of Japan and a UNESCO World Heritage site. When you visit Kiyomizudera you are welcomed by this large gate of the temple after a long uphill walk from a nearby station.