26 October 2013

Fallen Camellia

I found this fallen camellia flower in the woods of Enryakuji Temple. This flower lying on the ground always makes me think of death.

18 October 2013

Pagoda in the mountain

This is a pagoda of Enryakuji Temple which comprises uncountable historic monuments in Mount Hiei.

14 October 2013

Nature and Temple

Enryakuji Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage site and said to be one of the most important temples in Japan. Although most Kyoto temples are in/around the city Enryakuji is located just around the top of Mount Hiei.

04 October 2013

The roofs

This picture shows the roofs of a pagoda of Jingoji Temple, which is a large temple complex in the mountains in northern Kyoto.