20 December 2014

Jizo with moss

I found this Jizo [a Buddhist deity] near Yoshiminedera [Yoshimine Temple], wondering how long it had been there.

17 December 2014

Autumn pearl

This small red fruit is called [I guess] 'Heavenly bamboo' in English but I'd like to call it 'Autumn pearl'.

14 December 2014

Autumn feast

This is just a part of the autumn feast I enjoyed at Yoshiminedera [Yoshimine Temple].

13 December 2014

Autumn cooperation

Yoshiminedera [Yoshimine Temple] is a large temple complex situated on the mountain side in harmony with nature.

11 December 2014

Autumn collaboration

Yoshiminedera [Yoshimine Temple] is famous for its marvellous autumn foliage.

09 December 2014

Elaborate work

This is the main gate of Yoshiminedera [Yoshimine Temple] which shows how elaborate the Buddhist architecture can be.

06 December 2014

Surrounded with trees

I came across this shrine gate [torii] when I was walking toward Kosanji Temple. The shrine was very small and surrounded with various trees.

04 December 2014

Historic beauty

Kosanji Temple may not be so excellent about Buddhist architecture but its structures are beautiful with historic atmosphere.

03 December 2014