31 May 2015

Marvellous pagoda

There are only four five-storey pagodas in Kyoto. This one belongs to Ninnaji Temple.

30 May 2015

Grand Buddhist hall

This is the main hall of Ninnaji Temple. Ninnaji is a UNESCO World Heritage site but usually not so crowded.

28 May 2015

Protecting the temple

This is a Nio statue of Ninnaji Temple, which stands at the main gate of the temple to keep off enemies.

23 May 2015

Steep stone steps

I came across these stone steps around Yoshida Jinja Shrine in Kyoto.

19 May 2015

16 May 2015

Lonely swing

This lonely swing was waiting for children to come and play at a park at Yoshidayama in Kyoto.

12 May 2015

Red lanterns

I found these lanterns at a sub-shrine of Yoshida Jinja Shrine and thought the characters on them were very eloquent.

09 May 2015

06 May 2015

Quiet shrine

This is a sub-shrine of Yoshida Jinja Shrine. There were no visitors to this small shrine while I was there.

04 May 2015

Curved roof

This photo shows an elegant curved roof of Shimogamo Jinja Shrine.