31 October 2014

Golden temple

Kinkakuji Temple is unique and gorgeous being tiled with gold leaf. But it would be too flashy for a temple.

27 October 2014

On the roof

This grey heron was taking care of his face on the roof of a temple gate by Shirakawa River.

25 October 2014

Along the river

It's pleasing to walk along Shirakawa River seeing tasteful old and new houses.

23 October 2014

Black dragonfly

I happened to find this black dragonfly by Shirakawa River when I was taking a stroll in Kyoto on a fine autumn day.

16 October 2014

Festival lanterns

This restaurant was celebrating Gion Matsuri Festival displaying sacred lanterns above its entrance.

13 October 2014

The lanterns

Kyoto showed its most beautiful night at Gion Matsuri Festival with a lot of lanterns on the streets.

06 October 2014

Offerings to the god

Offerings were placed in front of a mikoshi [a portable shrine] at Gion Matsuri Festival.