31 July 2014

Blossoms at a temple garden

I took this picture at Byodoin Temple when the last cherry blossoms were blooming.

27 July 2014

Byodoin Temple with a pine tree

Byodoin Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage site in Uji which is a city of Ujicha [a famous green tea].

21 July 2014

Exquisite work

Byodoin Temple must be one of the most exquisite architectural works in Japan. As the restoration of this temple was finished recently, it is now extremely beautiful.

15 July 2014

Spring in full bloom

I happened to find this marvellous cherry tree around Byodoin Temple but you can see cherry blossoms everywhere in Japan when they are blooming.

07 July 2014

A fine day

I took this picture around Uji Station of Keihan Railway when I visited Byodoin Temple on 7th April. Note that the green train is of JR (Japan Railway).