29 January 2014

Sacred tree

This big tree is thought to be a sacred tree at Kifune Jinja Shrine. You can distinguish it by the rope around it.

20 January 2014

Lined with lanterns

This steps, lined beautifully with lanterns, is leading to the gate of Kifune Jinja Shrine, which is located deep in the mountains in northern Kyoto.

11 January 2014

Temple at night

I took this photo at Jingoji Temple in the autumn when some temples in Kyoto were lit up in the evening.

08 January 2014

On the moss

I found this beautiful momiji leaf on the moss at the gate of Jingoji Temple. Momiji trees are the most important plants to make a fantastic autumn scenery in Kyoto.

05 January 2014

Gradation of the autumn

Although it is somewhat a long way from the centre of the city, Jingoji Temple is one of the best places to enjoy autumn leaves in Kyoto.