29 June 2013

Magnificent temple gate

Not being on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Tofukuji Temple is one of the most important temples in Kyoto. The gate of Tofukuji was built in 1425 and is still now truly impressive.

22 June 2013

World Heritage tortoise

These tortoises are attracting thousands of people's attention everyday as they are living in a pond at a World Heritage site - Kiyomizudera.

17 June 2013

Sacred water

There's a very famous waterfall in Kiyomizudera Complex where it is believed you can have your wish granted by drinking its water.

08 June 2013

In harmony with nature

Kiyomizudera [Kiyomizu Temple] is definitely full of cultural heritage. But what I like most about the temple is that it is harmonising very well with nature.

03 June 2013

Packed with tourists

Kiyomizudera [Kiyomizu Temple] is not only one of the most attractive temples in Kyoto but also one of the most famous tourist sites in Japan. This stage is actually a balcony of the temple which provides us with a magnificent view of nature and the city.