20 December 2014

Jizo with moss

I found this Jizo [a Buddhist deity] near Yoshiminedera [Yoshimine Temple], wondering how long it had been there.

17 December 2014

Autumn pearl

This small red fruit is called [I guess] 'Heavenly bamboo' in English but I'd like to call it 'Autumn pearl'.

14 December 2014

Autumn feast

This is just a part of the autumn feast I enjoyed at Yoshiminedera [Yoshimine Temple].

13 December 2014

Autumn cooperation

Yoshiminedera [Yoshimine Temple] is a large temple complex situated on the mountain side in harmony with nature.

11 December 2014

Autumn collaboration

Yoshiminedera [Yoshimine Temple] is famous for its marvellous autumn foliage.

09 December 2014

Elaborate work

This is the main gate of Yoshiminedera [Yoshimine Temple] which shows how elaborate the Buddhist architecture can be.

06 December 2014

Surrounded with trees

I came across this shrine gate [torii] when I was walking toward Kosanji Temple. The shrine was very small and surrounded with various trees.

04 December 2014

Historic beauty

Kosanji Temple may not be so excellent about Buddhist architecture but its structures are beautiful with historic atmosphere.

03 December 2014

26 November 2014

Steps to the temple

Kosanji Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage site located deep in the mountains in northern Kyoto.

25 November 2014

Napping at an alleyway

This cat was peacefully taking a nap at an alleyway in the centre of Kyoto.

12 November 2014

Shining temple

Kinkakuji Temple must be different from any other temples in terms of appearance. But the temple is not so interesting as a whole.

01 November 2014

Brilliant temple

Kinkakuji Temple has been very popular among tourists for years and they have made huge profits from this luxury structure.

31 October 2014

Golden temple

Kinkakuji Temple is unique and gorgeous being tiled with gold leaf. But it would be too flashy for a temple.

27 October 2014

On the roof

This grey heron was taking care of his face on the roof of a temple gate by Shirakawa River.

25 October 2014

Along the river

It's pleasing to walk along Shirakawa River seeing tasteful old and new houses.

23 October 2014

Black dragonfly

I happened to find this black dragonfly by Shirakawa River when I was taking a stroll in Kyoto on a fine autumn day.

16 October 2014

Festival lanterns

This restaurant was celebrating Gion Matsuri Festival displaying sacred lanterns above its entrance.

13 October 2014

The lanterns

Kyoto showed its most beautiful night at Gion Matsuri Festival with a lot of lanterns on the streets.

06 October 2014

Offerings to the god

Offerings were placed in front of a mikoshi [a portable shrine] at Gion Matsuri Festival.

25 September 2014

Aesthetics of the shrine

I took this photo at Yasaka Jinja Shrine when it was holding its summer festival - Gion Matsuri, realising that it was still more beautiful than usual.

20 September 2014

An array of lanterns

The lanterns of shrines are always beautiful. This array of lanterns at Yasaka Jinja Shrine is even fantastic.

05 September 2014

Through the shrine gate

There were a lot of people walking through the gate of Yasaka Jinja Shrine when it was holding Gion Matsuri Festival.

27 August 2014

Atmospheric lighting

This is just one example of how beautiful the lanterns were at Gion Matsuri Festival.

21 August 2014

Fantastic night

They were performing a festival music on a festival float illuminated with many lanterns at Gion Matsuri Festival.

14 August 2014

A day of the festival

This distinctive lantern display was for Gion Matsuri Festival in Kyoto. Gion Matsuri is one of the most famous festivals in Japan.

10 August 2014

By the wayside

I found this beautiful jizoson just around Byodoin Temple. A jizoson is an altar where Jizo [a Buddhist deity] is enshrined.

31 July 2014

Blossoms at a temple garden

I took this picture at Byodoin Temple when the last cherry blossoms were blooming.

27 July 2014

Byodoin Temple with a pine tree

Byodoin Temple is a UNESCO World Heritage site in Uji which is a city of Ujicha [a famous green tea].

21 July 2014

Exquisite work

Byodoin Temple must be one of the most exquisite architectural works in Japan. As the restoration of this temple was finished recently, it is now extremely beautiful.

15 July 2014

Spring in full bloom

I happened to find this marvellous cherry tree around Byodoin Temple but you can see cherry blossoms everywhere in Japan when they are blooming.

07 July 2014

A fine day

I took this picture around Uji Station of Keihan Railway when I visited Byodoin Temple on 7th April. Note that the green train is of JR (Japan Railway).

29 June 2014

The glory at night

This is the main gate of Kamigamo Jinja Shrine which was gloriously lit-up at night.

21 June 2014

Ancient beauty

This photo shows the roof and the wall of one of the structures of Kamigamo Jinja Shrine which retains the beauty of the ancient architecture.

14 June 2014

Shrine gate with trees

This photo shows one of the gates of Kamigamo Jinja Shrine and big trees around it.

26 May 2014

Winter trees

I found this amazing geometry of winter trees at Konkai Komyoji Temple.

25 May 2014

13 May 2014

Lit-up at night

This photo shows the gate of Konkai Komyoji Temple which is lit-up beautifully at night.

06 May 2014

Temple in winter

Konkai Komyoji Temple was filled with the quietness of the winter.

10 March 2014

Autumn splendour

I took this photo at Daigoji Temple where you can find a beautiful harmony of nature and Buddhist culture.

03 March 2014

Perfect proportion

This is a five-storey pagoda of Daigoji Temple which was built in 951 with a height of 38m. I personally think structures of this kind are the most beautiful Buddhist monuments with the perfect proportion.

25 February 2014

Curved roof

This photo shows the curved roof of Daigoji Temple, which I think is one of the most important elements to make the temple magnificent.

15 February 2014

Protecting the temple

This is a sculpture of Nio at Daigoji Temple, which is stationed at the gate to prevent the enemies of Buddhism from entering the temple.

09 February 2014

Autumn of the temple

This photo shows the gate of Daigoji Temple with its beautiful autumn trees. Daigoji has been on the list of UNESCO World Heritage and I strongly recommend this temple.

03 February 2014

Rail trip in autumn

Eizan Railway takes you to Kifune Jinja Shrine or Kuramadera Temple and gives you a wonderful view of autumn trees.

29 January 2014

Sacred tree

This big tree is thought to be a sacred tree at Kifune Jinja Shrine. You can distinguish it by the rope around it.

20 January 2014

Lined with lanterns

This steps, lined beautifully with lanterns, is leading to the gate of Kifune Jinja Shrine, which is located deep in the mountains in northern Kyoto.

11 January 2014

Temple at night

I took this photo at Jingoji Temple in the autumn when some temples in Kyoto were lit up in the evening.

08 January 2014

On the moss

I found this beautiful momiji leaf on the moss at the gate of Jingoji Temple. Momiji trees are the most important plants to make a fantastic autumn scenery in Kyoto.