25 December 2013

Buddhist Deity in the autumn

This photo shows a Ksitigarbha [Jizo in Japanese] at Enryakuji Temple. Jizo is one of the most beloved Buddhist deities of the Japanese people as well as Kannon.

20 December 2013

In the woods

There are many Guanyin statues [Kannon in Japanese] in the woods at Enryakuji Temple. They often have many arms and some additional heads on their heads.

19 December 2013

Autumn harmony

You can find a lot of good harmonies of autumn trees and historic structures at Enryakuji Temple.

14 December 2013

Autumn feast

I took this photo at Enryakuji Temple which was a very large temple complex in Mount Hiei.

13 December 2013

Small shrine

This is a sub-shrine of Shimogamo Jinja [Shimogamo Shrine] in Kyoto which enshrines the spring under the shrine.

09 December 2013

Exquisite workmanship

This is one of structures of Shimogamo Jinja [Shimogamo Shrine] in Kyoto. I was impressed particularly with the beauty of the roof.